ENL teachers provide the cultural bridge between the student’s native culture and the new cultural experience. ENL stands for English as a New Language. As an ESL teacher, we demonstrate the similarities and differences between the two cultures. They are sensitive to the culture students are coming from; understand what students may know and what they may not. They educate them about the new culture and language while helping them preserve their identity. Students learn faster, and with less effort, when the brain has references for learning. These learning bridges combine popular culture, images, music, literature, role play, audio/visual and dance.

The regular classroom teacher works with the ENL teacher to target instruction in areas of weakness and specific skills and content students need to master. An ENL teacher will push in, or go into the content classroom at least four (4) periods throughout the week. An ENL teacher may push in additional periods if they see that there is a need. When they are in the content classroom, the ENL teacher modifies the content and separates it into parts for comprehension. They also design alternative assessment to check for student understanding.

The ENL teacher will also pull students out of the classroom for a maximum of four periods a week in order to work on specific academic skills. These skills are in line with what they are required to know in their content area. It is an opportunity to teach skills in various ways and reteach content students may have failed to comprehend.

In addition to the content, an ENL teacher ensures that students are learning the language through various modes. They make certain that students can speak, listen, read and write in the new language and comprehend what is being said.

They are also the cultural liaison between the parents and the teacher. If parents or students are having a difficult time understanding the content or procedures of the school, they are welcome to reach out to the ENL teacher to bridge the gap. The teacher can also refer both students and parents to outside assistance and programs that may be beneficial to the family.

In conclusion, an ENL teacher is there to help students acclimate to a new culture. They ensure that learning a new language is a relaxed and ongoing process for the student. They are the cultural link between the student’s native language and the new language that they are learning. An ENL teacher’s goal is to ensure the growth of the student and their ongoing development in school and in life.

Ms. Ghevarghese – PS 140 ENL Teacher

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