Goal Setting

Setting Individual goals for students within the context of units based on pre-assessments and using these goals to monitor student growth.

- Teacher goals - using the goals created during one on one meetings with teachers to shape feedback throughout the entire year.

- Parents -  developing goals with parents to ensure they know how they can support their children.

Rigorous Instruction 

Unpacking the CCLS standards during the construction of activities/tasks, lesson plans, unit plans and curriculum mapping.  Rigor will improve when teachers have a sound knowledge of the standards for teaching.

Questioning and Discussion Techniques

- Ensure students are engaging in discussions and questions with complexity and depth. 

- Students must be exposed to discussion and question stems across every single classroom.

Academic Vocabulary

- It is important that we look at the standards and determine what are the MUST HAVES for every grade.

Ex: What academic vocabulary must every student know in grade 2 or 3? What concepts or terms must every student know in Science in the 4th grade? Use the CCLS to shape the words that students must know in order to strengthen comprehension across all grades.


- Students in all classes will be exposed to multiple reading comprehension strategies.  Teachers will align CCLS standards that specifically relate to inference and incorporate them into their daily instructional practices.

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