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011 Ms. M. Sabin 125
012 Mr. D. Goldberg 127
013 Ms. S. Panagos 124 ICT
013 Ms. F. Horodyski 124

June 2017

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MyOn: Reader is an on-line digital library that our students have access to from any computer or Smartphone.

Mathletics: It is an online program to, help students enjoy math and improve their results. Mathletics covers the full Kindergarten math curriculum.

i-Ready: i-Ready adapts to each student, providing easier or harder questions depending on students’ answers to previous questions to help teachers understand the root causes behind student challenges

More Resources (Free Websites): Practice math and reading skills while playing games Practice phonic skills with read-along stories Favorite stories read by movie stars.


As teachers, we read to your children a lot! We gather important information and strengthen the students’ listening, vocabulary, and speaking skills, along with many other positive skills.

It is essential that you read to your child as much as possible. Reading has such wonderful benefits; including building positive relationships with your child, improves language and vocabulary skills, improves a child’s imagination and concentration, teaches them about the world around them, and reading is just plain fun!!

In ELA, the students are focused on answering questions about characters and the feelings of those characters. They are listening to and comprehending some very advanced stories. Through this, they are strengthening their vocabulary and comprehension skills.


- Classroom Routines & Rules
- Alphabet and Sounds
- Calendar Skills
- Reviewing Primary Numbers
- Sight Words
- Rhyming Words
- Writing Sight Words and Sentences

Please continue practicing all concepts at home with your child, especially during the summer break so your child does not lose these skills.



This month, we are working on chapter 7 of Go Math! Students will represent, count, and write 11 to 19. The NYS Common Core State Standards covered:

K.CC.A.3… Know number names and the count sequence.

K.NBT.A.1… Work with numbers 11-19 to gain foundations for place value.

• We will be focusing on modeling and counting to 11-15

• We will be writing 11-15

Practicing daily fluencies in math is essential to help children think at higher levels. Please work with your children every night to help build automaticity in their basic math facts. We will be sure to engage the children in activities that help take their knowledge of the basic facts and apply them to complex problem solving scenarios. Our Kindergarteners are doing well, as we move through the Kindergarten math curriculum.

There are formative assessments that are done throughout the lessons to make sure we see who may need some extra support. All teachers also give chapter pre , mid, and post assessments. We are able to focus our instruction for whole class and small groups based upon the results. During class time, we write about various math topics. We also use the problem of the day to challenge our children on various topics. The problem of the day is a daily activity that is helping build strong math skills in our children.


The new gym t-shirt is available for sale in the main office ($8.00). Sneakers should be worn on gym days. No jewelry should be worn. (Click here for more information about uniforms and how to order)

GYM DAYS - Students should wear sneakers

K-124: Monday (Ms.Horodisky/ Ms. Panagos)

K-125: Thursday (Mrs. Sabin)

K-127: Friday (Mr. Goldberg)

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JUNE 20TH - Kindergarten Moving Up 9:00am

Arrival/Dismissal Reminder- Dismissal is at 2:20 p.m. School starts at 8:20 AM. When you are late it affects your child’s learning and delays instruction PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD!

June 6: Ms. Panagos and Ms. Horodyski’s field trip to the Museum of Natural History


We will be celebrating your child’s birthday at the end of the month with a whole classroom celebration.

If you would like to bring something to highlight that day, please inquire before bringing anything in.



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