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We are using our Media Center as an INFERENCE CENTER. The expectation is for students to use the media center time for targeted independent reading time to strengthen their reading comprehension. We are using a digital library called MyOn that uses students reading level and interests to provide over 10,000 books for students to read.
MyON is an award-winning personalized literacy program that incorporates a state-of-the art learning platform. MyOn maximizes reading growth by generating individualized, interest-based recommendations within all learners’ targeted Lexile ranges to engage them with just-right texts. MyOn deepens vocabulary by providing flexible reading scaffolds, audio narration to model fluency, highlighted text and embedded dictionaries which allows learners to develop academic-specific vocabulary in context.
MyOn provides power of choice. Learners select books from the entire library, choose from a recommended list of titles created just for them. Students can also read from book sets created by their teachers to support instructional goals. There are more than 10,000 books available on MyOn.
MyOn is available 24/7, year-round. Students can access MyON whenever and wherever they want to read, at home, school, library, on the bus and throughout the community. It’s even available on weekends, holidays and school breaks. Students extend their reading from school to home, with their families, building a greater love of reading, comprehension and critical-thinking skills. Teachers work together to develop booklists, reading and writing projects for groups or whole classes, create cross-curricular connections and differentiate instruction.

Learners take ownership of their growth. From their own dashboards, students manage their preferences, respond to the text using writing tools that support literacy development and monitor their progress. MyOn has authentic texts and books. There are picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, literary non-fiction and informational texts that span multiple subjects, genres, and cultures to support reading across the curriculum.
Teachers can further personalize instruction. Teachers have access to real-time, actionable data on individual learners, groups and classes to better inform their teaching, support differentiated instruction and build collaboration. MyOn’s students’ activities can be constantly monitored for activity and growth.
We are excited about MyOn here at P.S. 140Q. We hope that as partners in the educational process, families will take advantage of this program. It is a resource that will enhance, develop and support your child’s reading. Engagement with school, students and families to support reading and learning is very important to our students’ success.


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