Class trips are determined by the grade as a team and are always aligned to curriculum connected. There may be a nominal fee associated with the trip. Although we would welcome your attendance on all class trips, it is best for you to consult with your child’s teacher to determine if your attendance is allowed on specific trips. If you are allowed to attend you may have to pay the same small fee that the student was charged. You must sign a permission slip in order for your child to attend any trip from P.S. 140Q.


Periodically there will be performances, ceremonies or other event held at the school featuring our students. These events may be videotaped and photographed with highlights to be posted on our website as well as the Department of Education site. We will need your permission for this and release forms should come home before the specific event.


First speak to your child daily. Ask them what they did, what they learned and what happened. You should also be in constant contact with your child’s teacher via phone, email, written notes, and Pupil Path. You should be abreast of academic progress, behavioral and social issues. Teachers cannot speak/meet during class time. Feel free to write a note or call for an appointment. Pupil Path is available 24/7. You have access to attendance, homework assignments, projects, etc. You can also email a teacher or other staff member directly. After your initial log in you can download the App to any smartphone or tablet for information on the go. If you need login information contact Ms. Baptiste for assistance. Also feel free to contact Ms. Baptiste with your concerns so that she can help direct you to the correct party. For general information you will receive a newsletter for your child’s grade, a school wide newsletter and a monthly calendar, as well as individual notices for different events.


All visitors must wait until 9:00am to enter the building, unless otherwise directed by School Safety. When visiting the school you must bring Identification in order to enter the building. This includes performances, attending trips, picking up sick children and appointments with teachers or other staff members. Teachers are not allowed to conference while they are teaching. You must have an appointment. “Popping in” is not a good idea as the teacher will be unavailable.


During the first days of school you received a Blue/Yellow Emergency Contact Form if you have not already done so please return it as soon as possible. If you need to make more changes, attached is a new one please fill it out and send it to school with your youngster.

Please make note that we would like to you to renew all information by January 15, 2017


School Begins at 8:20am. We are asking that all Parents please arrive at 2:30pm to receive your children for dismissal.

- Breakfast will be available for all students starting the first day of school! @ 7:45am! Please do not drop your children off prior to the 7:45am breakfast start time. Students will not be supervised until 7:45.

- We care about our students and this is a safety precaution!

First Day of School Routines!

- Parents are more than welcome to escort their children on the first day to their classrooms. Parents cannot sit with their children while eating breakfast.

- If your child is going to have Breakfast, unfortunately parents cannot be accommodated. All parents and students will enter the building by using the following entrances:

PK students = Use Entrance Doors Located on 167th Street
Kindergarten – Use Entrance Doors Located on 166th Street

Grades 1- 5- Enter using the Cafeteria entrances on 116th Avenue.
This entrance is for students WITHOUT Parental Escorts only.

Grades 1-5 students with parental Escorts must arrive after 8:10am and students along with their parents will enter using the main entrances located on 116th Avenue. All parents are required to exit by 8:25am .

Grades 1-5 students with parental Escorts must arrive after 8:10am and students along with their parents will enter using the main entrances located on 116th Avenue. All parents are required to exit by 8:25am

Dismissal Procedures – Please Note that there has been a change for 2016-2017 school year

To ensure the safety of all of our students and staff all parents are required to adhere to the dismissal policies and procedures. We understand the ‘Early pickup’ that many of our parents utilize for appointments or prior engagements. However, all early pickups will end @ 2:15pm. We kindly ask that if you need to pick up your child early it must happen prior to 2:15pm. Any requests that happen after 2:15pm, we ask that the parents wait for their children during the regular dismissal procedures. Children will not be released at the parental request after 2:15pm. Parents cannot call main office requesting children after 2:15pm.

PK- Dismissal is at 2:30 in the PK-classrooms. Use the doors on 167th Street

K- Dismissal is at 2:30 in the Kindergarten Wing classrooms- Enter building using doors on 166th Street.

Grades 1 will be in the school cafeteria- Please use the main Entrance by the School Safety Agent.

Grades 2-5 will be dismissed from the School Auditorium. Parents will enter and exit using the auditorium doors located in the school yard. Parents are required to enter the building using these doors and exit with the children using these same doors.

SIBLING Pick UP - Parents must walk to the multiple exits and entrances!

Dismissal will begin at 2:30.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to an awesome school year!


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Please remember to log into Pupil Path, check out our upcoming website, Check all of the notices that are sent home in your child’s Back Pack, or listen out for a School Message using your correct phone number!

These are GREAT tools to provide our school community answers to immediate questions!

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