PBIS is a management system that rewards admirable character traits and good behavior displayed by our students. PBIS is a school wide project and takes time to put into operation.  Our slogan is “Shooting Stars Shine Bright” and our acronym is “STARS” Self control, Trustworthiness, Accountability, Respectful, Service. These are the character traits we expect our children to display throughout the school during the year.  This year we will continue to reinforce these strategies. The purpose is to highlight positive student behavior across the entire building.

This includes;

- Walking in the hall

- Proper bathroom etiquette

- How to behave in the cafeteria

- How to behave in the Auditorium

- How to behave in the schoolyard

Any student can have a bad day. But our students have first access to the same list of people you do; Teacher, School Aide, Guidance Counselor, Social Worker, Nurse, Assistant Principal, Parent Coordinator. They are more than welcome to tell someone what is going on with them before it becomes an issue.

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