b****Please make sure that all students have SNEAKERS as well as no jewelry. (except stud earrings) This is to ensure safety for everyone.****

b Physical Education gym shirts are still available! You can purchase them for 8 dollars at the uniform store or money can be brought into the main office. (Click here...)

b We will be continuing to learn about the 5 Fitness Components and nutrition. We will learn about goal setting and how to make a proper goal for each student. We will learn new sports skills throughout the year!

b All students will be participating in the FITNESSGRAM. All students will have their height and weight taken to calculator their BMI. Students in grades 4 and 5 will also be performing the PACER, push up, curl up, sit and reach, and trunk tests. For more information, please visit

b Students and parents can now access NYC FITNESSGRAM results online via the NYC Schools Account!

b For information please visit these website.

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