q What if I have questions about my child’s education? If I have a question about what they are learning in school who should I contact?

The first step is to speak to the Parent Coordinator; her role is to serve as a liaison for the parents and the school.  The Parent Coordinator will contact your child’s teacher to address your concern.  The teacher will be responsible for communicating to you information about what your child is learning.  The school has also created monthly Grade Newsletters that go home. You can also visit our school website: www.ps140Q.org  or Pupil path for more instructional information.

In some instances, the Assistant Principal in charge of the grade may contact you to provide further clarification if needed.    

q How Do I Have My Child Evaluated?

Come in or call the school to make an appointment to see the School Psychologist. Discuss your concerns and we will advise you on your next steps. Speak to your regular physician and see if evaluation is really necessary.

q How Do I Sign My Child up For Bussing?
School Bus service is only available for grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Speak to Ms. Walker our School Aide or Ms. Baptiste and fill out a form to choose a bus stop closest to your home. Door to door service is only available in special circumstances. There is no matron on the General Education school bus.
q Who Do I Speak to If Something Happens to My Child on the Bus?
You can always call the school with your concerns; however any complaints or concerns should be made to the bus company.

q What happens if my child is in an altercation?  Who should I expect a call from?
Depending on the altercation, when it occurred and where it occurred will often determine who you will receive a call from.  The Principal will not call you regarding every altercation that occurs in the building, but it is expected that you receive a call from a staff member in the building.   

The following people may call you when an altercation occurs in the building:

1.    Your child’s teacher
2.    School Aide
3.    Parent Coordinator
4.    Guidance Counselor/School Social Worker
5.    Assistant Principal
6.    Principal

Any one of these individuals may call you to inform you of the incident that occurred.  Just because you don’t get a call from the Assistant Principal or Principal doesn’t mean that the school hasn’t contacted you.  Most altercations can be resolved be anyone listed above.  Again, the severity of the altercation will determine who will call you and how it will be resolved.  

q May I Throw a Birthday Party for My Child in Class?
Unfortunately parties are strictly forbidden during class time. Due to the significant number of allergies of classmates and staff members we just can’t allow it. This also takes away from precious instructional time. You may pass out invitations to classmates for an at home party after class time.

q How do I Update My Child’s Personal Information?
If you wish to change your address you must bring in two proofs of address. You may need a Residency Affidavit if you don’t have your own utility bills. You can get one in the main office, but it must be notarized before we proceed. Otherwise there is an Emergency Card. Just fill them out and send them in with the student.

q Who can I speak to if I have a concern?
All complaints will be handled by our Parent Coordinator; she will provide you with a Parent Concern form to complete.  The form will be read and given to the appropriate person in the building that will handle your complaint.  If you don’t receive any feedback within 48-72 hours please contact the Parent Coordinator to check on the status of the complaint.  

Parent Coordinator:   Beverly Baptiste –Bbaptiste@schools.nyc.gov

Contact Information:   718-657-4760 ext 213 / 347-819-4247

I Prefer to Speak to the Principal.

Did you speak to.…?
a)   Parent Coordinator
b)  Teacher
c)  Guidance Counselor
d)  Social Worker
e)   Assistant Principal

Has it been 48-72 hours since you expressed your concern?

Making an Appointment

Teachers can meet with parents on every Tuesday from 3:00pm – 3:40pm during parent engagement time; they also have a daily prep period which does vary by day, time and grade level. Communication should be made by parents directly to the teacher by either, hand written notes, pupil path or email to facilitate setting up an appointment with your child’s teacher. The Guidance Counselor and Social Worker have a little more flexibility with their daily schedules, and you should also contact them directly to set up an appointment to speak with them. Our Principal and Assistant Principal have very tight schedules. If you need to speak with them, you must first speak with the Parent Coordinator, Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Social Worker. The Parent Coordinator is here to help, and can assist you with reaching the person you need to make an appointment with.

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