This year students in grades 2 through 5 will have Science with a designated Science Teacher. They will be learning many areas in science as well as performing hands on activities and experiments.
Third graders will be working with energy in the next coming months.

Hands on activities:  How substances interact with each other. They will be conducting a simulated volcanic eruption using several different substances and a volcano they will be constructing themselves out of clay!
Fourth graders will be taking a state exam in science. I am very excited to teach one of the most important subjects on the planet to your children and I am sure that they will find it both interesting and enjoyable.
The fourth grade will also be working on magnetism and electricity. In November, students will be building electrical circuits! All experiments with electricity will be very safe.
The power they will be using will not exceed that of a D battery. They will enjoy both the activity and the knowledge concerning electrical circuits.
Fifth graders will be conducting exciting scientific experiments working with different surfaces. Students will learn how different objects are affected by changes to surfaces.

Hands on activity: Students will be rolling cars and other objects down ramps that will have different surfaces on them. Students will measure the distance the cars travelled to determine how different surfaces affect the distance travelled.

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